Tullio Serafin Opera Singing Competition Regulations

Due to the still unstable and uncertain situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and following the provisions imposed by the Authorities, we have decided to postpone the dates for the PRELIMINARY ROUNDS.

Articles 1, 3, 7, 8 and 11 has been modificated.

Download here the printable PDF version of the regulation

Article 1: organization
Tullio Serafin Opera Singing Competition is organized by Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin association and Concetto Armonico Association, with the collaboration of Teatro alla Scala, Teatro dell’Opera in Rome and Teatro Real in Madrid.
Sponsors and supporters are visible on the Competition website www.concorsoliricotullioserafin.it in the “Patronage and supporters” section.

Article 2: Opera in competition, nationality, age limits and roles
The opera in competition is “Mitridate, Re di Ponto” by W. A. Mozart. Competitors of any nationality can participate in Tullio Serafin International Opera Singing Competition.
The age limit to participate in the Competition is set at 30 years for sopranos, sopranisti and tenors; at 32 years for contralto and contraltisti. Competitors may propose themselves for several roles, maintaining the obligation to present all the arias provided for in Article 4. In this case, the Jury reserves the right to listen to the planned program only in part.

The roles are:

  • Mitridate, Re di Ponto e d’altri regni, amante di Aspasia (tenor)
  • Aspasia, promessa sposa di Mitridate, e già dichiarata Regina (soprano)
  • Sifare, figliulo di Mitridate e di Stratonica, amante d’Aspasia (soprano)
  • Farnace, primo figliuolo di Mitridate, amante della medesima (contralto)
  • Ismene, figlia del Re de’ Parti, amante di Farnace (soprano)
  • Marzio, tribuno romano, amico di Farnace (tenor)
  • Arbate, governatore di Ninfea (soprano)

Article 3: rounds of the Competition, dates, places and repertoire
For the preliminary round, competitors must be present on one of the dates listed below, which they will choose and specify in the registration form. Before registering in a specific theater, competitors must check the availability from the website www.concorsoliricotullioserafin in the “availability” section. Competitors will not be able to choose the day of the audition.


  • 13 and 14 May Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (max 60 competitors)
  • 26 and 27 May 2021 Teatro alla Scala (max 60 competitors)
  • 1 June 2021 Teatro Real (max 30 competitors)

Repertoire to be presented in the preliminary round:

Competitors must present from memory, in addition to the mandatory arias referred to in Article 4, an opera aria of their choice in the original language, including recitative and cabaletta where required. The preliminary round will not be open to the public. Competitors are required to present themselves to the preliminary round with a copy for the pianist of the piano and vocal score for the chosen aria of choice.


  • 14 June 2021 at 8.30 pm at Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza.

Competitors are required to present the entire role of the opera Mitridate, Re di Ponto by W. A. Mozart FROM MEMORY including duets and ensemble parts. t is possible to read the score if necessary. The final stage will be open to the public. The President, after consulting the Jury, will have the right to interrupt the audition at any time. At the discretion of the Jury, if necessary, the competitor may be required to repeat pieces already performed. All stages of the competition will be performed with piano accompaniment.

Article 4: mandatory arias for each role to be presented in the eliminatory round:

  • Mitridate:
    • Se di lauri il crine adorno
    • Tu, che fedel mi sei
    • Vado incontro al fato estremo
  • Aspasia
    • Al destin che la minaccia
    • Nel grave tormento
    • A ben ne fui presaga. Palid’ombre che scorgete
  • Sifare
    • Soffre il mio cor con pace
    • Parto: nel gran cimento
    • Lungi da te, mio bene
  • Farnace
    • Venga pur, minacci e frema
    • Son reo, l’error confesso
    • Già dagl’occhi il velo è tolto
  • Ismene
    • In faccia all’oggetto
    • So quanto a te dispiace
    • Tu sai per chi m’accese
  • Marzio
    • Se di regnar sei vago
    • Arbate
    • L’odio nel cor frenate

Article 5: registration documents

The competitor must fill out the registration form online accompanied by the following documents:

  • copy of an identity document (identification card or passport valid as of June 14, 2021);
  • a recent high-definition color photo;
  • short curriculum vitae (maximum one page A4);
  • copy of the payment receipt of the registration fee.

The competitor who needs to obtain a visa to stay in Italy must write to the competition secretariat info@concorsoliricotullioserafin.it in order to obtain the invitation letter useful for bureaucratic procedures in Italy. In case of non-participation in the competition, the secretariat is not required, in any case, to refund the registration fee.

Article 6: payment of the fee and bank details
For registration, the competitor is required to pay the fee of € 90.00 (ninety / 00) in advance which includes the sympathizer membership card of Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin equal to € 50.00 (fifty / 00). Anyone already in possession of the annual membership card, valid on 14 June 2021, will pay € 40.00 (forty / 00).

The fee shall be paid by bank transfer to:
Associazione Archivio storico Tullio Serafin
BCC CENTROVENETO, Filiale di Vicenza
IBAN: IT25P0859011800000900012489

purpose of the transfer: NAME AND SURNAME (of the competitor) registration for 2021 Tullio Serafin Opera Singing Competition

Article 7: registration deadline
The application form, accompanied by all the documents required in Article 5, must be received by Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin by Sunday 25 April 2021 via the website www.concorsoliricotullioserafin.it
Applications received after the deadline or incomplete in the documentation will not be considered. The registration fee will not be refunded in the event that the competitor cancels his participation in the Competition. The fee will be refunded only in the cases provided for in Article 21 of this announcement.

Article 8: convocation
On 26 April at 6 pm, live on the Facebook page of Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin, the letter of the alphabet for competitors chosen for the preliminary round will be extracted. Each competitor will be sent an email with the time of the call for the eliminatory round and the eventual rehearsal time with the pianist (if requested in the registration form). No time or date changes will be allowed with respect to those indicated by the artistic direction. If the competitor fails to attend any required rehearsal with the pianist, this rehearsal cannot be rescheduled. The competitor who does not show up at his or her call for any of the rounds of the Competition will be excluded from the competition and will not be able to request any refund of the registration fee paid.

Article 9: admition to the final round
The names of those admitted to the finals will be communicated via email sent by Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin, at the end of the Jury’s deliberation. No information will be given by thelephone.

Article 10: winners
The winners will participate in the Opera Studio which will be held in Vicenza from 21 August to 12 September 2021. The Opera Studio will be held by internationally renowned Maestri (singing teacher, director, conductor), in view of the performance of the opera at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza 8 and 12 September. The winners will also participate in the concert to be held in Cavarzere at Teatro Tullio Serafin 15 June 2021.
Any replicas of the work, even in concert form, are not excluded.

Articolo 11: Jury of preliminary and final rounds


  • Dominique Meyer, Superintendant Teatro alla Scala
  • Marco Tutino, composer
  • Andrea Castello, artistic director Festival Vicenza in Lirica and president Archivio storico Tullio Serafin
  • Eleonora Pacetti, responsabile “Fabbrica” Young Artist Program del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
  • Marco Tutino, composer
  • Andrea Castello, artistic director Festival Vicenza in Lirica and president Archivio storico Tullio Serafin


  • Joan Matabosch, artistic director Teatro Real
  • Andrea Castello, artistic director Festival Vicenza in Lirica and president Archivio storico Tullio Serafin

Jury of the final round

  • Dominique Meyer, Superintendant Teatro alla Scala PRESIDENT OF THE JURY
  • Alessandro Di Gloria, casting manager Teatro Massimo Palermo
  • Eleonora Pacetti, responsabile “Fabbrica” Young Artist Program del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
  • Marco Tutino, composer
  • Sara Mingardo, music consultant Festival Vicenza in Lirica
  • Barbara Frittoli, soprano
  • Andrea Castello, artistic director Festival Vicenza in Lirica and president Archivio storico Tullio Serafin
  • Wally Santarcangelo, artistic director Concorso Lirico Internazionale Ottavio Ziino
  • Barbara Andreini, artistic director Fondazione Renata Tebaldi
  • Marco Angius, conductor

During the final round there will also be a commission of journalists and music critics. The names of this commission will be published on Tullio Serafin Opera Singing Competition website at the end of the preliminary rounds. This jury will have the task of assigning the “Lukas Franceschini Critics Prize” to one of the finalists of the Competition.

Article 12: voting
The Jury will express its decisions in secret session, by majority vote. In the event of a tie, the President’s vote will prevail. The Jury may decide not to entrust one or more of the roles of the Competition, if there are no suitable competitors for the same. The Jury’s verdict is final.

Article 13: contract for the role winners
When registering for the Competition, candidates undertake, in case of assignment of the role and after due reading, to sign a contract for the Opera Studio and all subsequent theater performances indicated in article 10. In the event that the Competition winners, once the contract has been signed, fail to fulfill their contractual obligations, they will be required to pay a penalty equal to the remuneration established in article 14 point “C”. The artistic direction of Vicenza in Lirica Festival will not make any agreement with agencies or press offices of the competitors who will win the role.

Article 14: prizes for the role winners of the Competition
The winners of the Competition, at the end of the performances at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, will be reimbursed:

a) return travel to participate in the Opera Studio and performances at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza;
b) accommodation in Vicenza from the starting day of the Opera Studio, at the end of production on 12 September;
c) a gross remuneration of € 700.00 (seven hundred euros / 00) for each performance (8 and 12 September) for the roles of Mithridates, Aspasia, Sifare, Ismene and Farnace; a gross remuneration of € 400.00 (Euro four hundred / 00) for each performance (8 and 12 September) for the roles of Marzio and Arbate.

Article 15: other prizesCritics’ Prize entitled to “Lukas Franceschini” awarded to one of the FINALISTS during the evening on June 14 at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. *

Special award Fondazione Renata Tebaldi: a Concert in San Marino on the occasion of the celebrations for the centenary of Renata Tebaldi’s birth in 2022.

International Lyric Competition Ottavio Ziino Award: a Concert to one or more winners offered by the Artistic Director during the 2021-22 Concert Season of the Il Villaggio della Musica Association.

The winners of the Competition will participate in a CONCERT at Teatro Tullio Serafin in Cavarzere on June 15th and will receive a scholarship. Furthermore, they will be reimbursed for the overnight stay in Cavarzere (or other city to be defined) for the night of June 15th. In the event that, due to force majeure, the concert cannot be performed, it will be postponed.

Audience Award named after “Francesco Pacchiega” offered by the Municipality of Cavarzere. The prize will be awarded to one of the winners of the Competition during the evening of June 15 at Teatro Tullio Serafin. *

Any other prizes will be announced on the Tullio Serafin Opera Competition website in the “Prizes” section.

*In the case of Ex aequo, the prize is divided

Article 16: cover
The Commission reserves the right to nominate covers chosen from among the finalists, who will take over if the holders of the role cannot perform for serious and certifiable reasons, maintaining the conditions provided for the winners.

Article 17: certificate
All finalists will receive a certificate of participation in the Competition.

Article 18: responsibility
The Management assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to things or people during the course of the Competition.

Article 19: validity of the announcement
Participation in the Competition implies the unconditional acceptance of these rules without any reservation. The Italian version of this announcement relating to Tullio Serafin Opera Competition is valid. Legal remedies are excluded.

Article 20: shooting of images, audio and video recordings
By registering, participants in Tullio Serafin Opera Singing Competition give consent to audio and video recordings and to the shooting of images by Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin,by Concetto Armonico Associazione Culturale and/or by persons or institutions appointed by them during all the phases of the competition, during the rehearsals and the representation of the opera in competition.
Participants assign to the organization all the rights of image, audio and video as indicated above for any use without temporal and territorial limits through any means now known or of future invention (by way of example, TV, internet , public screenings, optical, magnetic, IT, paper support, etc).

Article 21: Covid-19 security protocols, postponement of dates, cancellation of the Competition and refund of the registration fee
All rounds will be carried out following the safety protocol imposed by the competent authorities and by the host sites, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The rounds (preliminary and final) may be postponed due to force majeure due to Covid-19. In the event that the Competition is canceled due to force majeure due to Covid-19 or for organizational reasons of the associations Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin and Concetto Armonico, the entire registration fee will be refunded to the competitor by bank transfer. Should competitors cancel their participation due to Covid-19, they will receive a refund of the registration fee, upon MANDATORY presentation of medical certificate

Article 22: courses and masterclasses
All those registered for the competition will be entitled to a special discount of Euro 65.00 if they wish to register for one of the opera singing master classes organized by the Vicenza in Lirica festival during the year 2021.

Article 23: amendments to the announcement
The Artistic Direction and the organization of the Competition reserve the right to make changes to these regulations.


COMPETITORS MUST TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO FOLLOW THE QUARANTINE OBLIGATIONS AND PROTOCOLS ESTABLISHED BY THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN AS WELL AS THE COUNTRY OF DESTINATION. The preliminary and final rounds will be performed maintaining a distance of at least three meters front and side from the pianist and the Commission unless otherwise specified. Competitors must maintain a safe distance within all the premises and avoid gatherings, and follow the protocol of the host location. No accompanying persons or personal pianists are allowed.

Articles 1, 3 and 11 has been modificated on 2021 May, 26th.