Tullio Serafin Opera Competition

Why a competition dedicated to Tullio Serafin?

Tullio Serafin Opera Competition was born from the will of Andrea Castello, artistic director of “Vicenza in Lirica” festival and president of “Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin”, an association that boasts the great-grandchildren of Maestro Serafin among its members.

The Competition is a useful opportunity to create synergies between different musical realities that pay particular attention to young opera singers and musicians, following the example, methodology and dedication of Maestro Serafin, a careful discoverer of talents.

Why the choice of opera roles as a prize?

The artistic direction has chosen opera roles as competition prizes to create “opportunities” for the young winning artists and give them a chance to debut in the role. Reading the various testimonies received by Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin, one notices more and more the attention of Maestro Serafin in making talented voices debut on the stage.
The “debut” for Maestro Serafin meant first of all a school, as he himself prepared the young artist for their debut, through hours and hours of lessons even in his home. This is why we decided not to set up a traditional theatrical production, but to design a training course that will lead the artist to his debut through the “Opera Studio”. With this spirit of discovery of new voices, preparation and debut, we want to “revive”, albeit in a still limited way, the spirit of Maestro Tullio Serafin.

Why Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’amore in 2019?

The choice of representing Donizetti’s work L’Elisir d’Amore is not causal and is connected to the official celebrations that “Archivio Storico Tullio Serafin” established in 2018 for the fiftieth anniversary of the Conductor’s death, receiving the Medal of the President of the Republic honor.

The opera L’Elisir d’Amore was first conducted by Maestro Serafin in 1898 with his name angrammed in Alfio Sulterni to avoid problems with the Milan Conservatory since he had not yet graduated.
After graduating in composition, Maestro Serafin made his debut in Parma at Teatro Reinach conducting two operas, one of which was L’Elisir d’amore by G. Donizetti.