Competition Regulations

Teatro Comunale Tullio Serafin – Cavarzere, Venice
5-8 June 2019


deadline 23 May 2019





Opera giocosa in due atti
Music by Gaetano Donizetti
Libretto by Felice Romani

Adina, soprano
Nemorino, tenor
Belcore, baritone
Il dottore Dulcamara, bass
Giannetta, soprano

The opera studio will be programmed during “Vicenza in Lirica” festival and staged at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza (two performances) and at Teatro Comunale in Thiene, Vicenza (two performances)


1: Organization.

The International Singing Competition Tullio Serafin is organized byConcetto Armonico cultural association with the collaboration of Archivio storico Tullio Serafin association.

The competition has the patronage of Assessorato alla Cultura ofComune di Cavarzere, the patronage of Regione del Veneto and the patronage of Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro Tullio Serafin.

Laboratorio Corale IMVCT in collaboration with Crescere in Musica association from Thiene (Vicenza) are partners to the project.

Andrea Castello is the artistic director of the competition, Guido Faggion is the artistic secretary.

2: Nationality.

The International Singing Competition Tullio Serafin is open to candidates of any nationality.

3: Age limit.

The age limit to participate to the competition is 36 years old. Candidates must be born after 1 January 1983.

4: Dates and location.

The competition will take place in Cavarzere (Venice) at Teatro Comunale Tullio Serafin, from 5 to 8 June 2019.

5: Documents.

To take part to the competition, candidates must send the following documents:

  • completed and signed enrolment form;
  • copy of an identity document valid through 9 June 2019;
  • copy of the fiscal code/ insurance number;
  • a recent photo in high resolution;
  • a short curriculum vitae;
  • copy of the receipt of payment of the registration fee.

6: Registration fee and bank account.

Candidates must pay a € 80,00 registration fee which includes € 25,00 as association fee to Concetto Armonico. Candidates who are already affiliates of Concetto Armonico with validity until 8 June must pay only € 55,00.

The fee must be paid through bank transfer to:


BCC CENTROVENETO, Filiale di Vicenza

IBAN: IT60 O085 9011 8000 0008 1026 140


Causal: NAME AND SURNAME iscrizione Concorso Tullio Serafin

7: Enrolment.

The enrolment form, with all the documents required at point 5, must be received by Concetto Armonico cultural association before the final deadline 23 May 2019 by:

Enrolments incomplete of any of the documents mentioned at point 5 or received after the deadline 23 May 2019 will not be taken into account. For the enrolments sent by mail the postmark will be proof.

During the eliminatory stage, all candidates will be given a random identification number which will be used for subsequent communications (point 11).

8: Summons.

To each candidate an e-mail will be sent indicating the date and hour of the summons for the preliminary stage and the hour for a rehearsal with the pianist (if expressly required in the enrolment form). No changes of date or hour will be allowed. Rehearsals with the pianist may not be rescheduled. Candidates who are not present at the date and hour of the summons will be excluded and no reimbursement may be asked.


Candidates may choose to participate to one of the two folloing categories:

  1. to the category Young Voices “Tullio Serafin” prize
  2. to the category for the roles competition in the opera L’elisir d’amore by Donizetti

Candidates may not partecipate to both categories

9: Arias .

Candidates participating to the category Young Voices “Tullio Serafin” prize must present:

  • five arias of their own choice (in the original language)

Candidates participating to the competition for opera roles must:

  • present three arias of their own choice (in the original language), but not from the opera roles in competition;
  • know by heart the entire role of the opera L’elisir d’amore by Gaetano Donizetti, Ricordi edition.

10: Competition stages

The competition will be divided in three stages:

  • two arias of their own choice from the five presented
  • one of the arias at point 9 and an aria from the opera L’elisir d’amore


Candidates participating to the category Young Voices “Tullio Serafin” prize must present:

  • one aria chosen by the jury from the five presented
  • one aria from the five presented which has not been performed in the eliminatory

Candidates participating to the competition for opera roles must perform what the jury requires from:

  • an aria from the three at point 9.1
  • an aria from the role in competition
  • a part to be performed with other candidates from L’Elisir d’amore.

The jury may choose one or more of these options.


Candidates participating to the category Young Voices “Tullio Serafin” prize must perform two arias chosen by the jury from the five presented

Candidates participating to the competition for opera roles must perform the roles of the soloists in the opera, alone or with other candidates (duets, concertati, etc)

The president, in agreement with the jury, may stop the candidate’s performance at any moment. Candidates may be asked to repeat the aria. All the stages of the competition will be accompanied at the piano by maestro Sergio Gasparella, conductor of the opera, and by a substitute maestro.

11: Admission to the semi finals and the finals.

The names of the candidates admitted to the semi finals and finals will be communicated by the artistic direction after the Jury’s decision. The results will be affixed on the bulletin board of Teatro Comunale Tullio Serafin and published on the internet site of the competition with the casual number given to the candidate the day of the eliminatory (for privacy reasons names will not be published). Results will not be communicated by phone.

12: Commitment to attendance.

All candidates are requested not to leave Cavarzere during the competition without previous notice to the artistic direction.

13: Audiences.

The eliminatory stage and the semi finals will be in camera. The finals will be open to the public. All stages will be held at Teatro Tullio Serafin in Cavarzere.

14: Winners.

Winners of the Young Voices “Tullio Serafin” prize will be awarded the prizes mentioned at point 21

Winners of the competition for opera roles will participate to the Opera Studio in Vicenza from 1 to 12 September 2019, held by the teachers mentioned at point 20, for the staging of the opera at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza on 13 and 14September 2019 and at Teatro Comunale in Thiene on 12 and 13October 2019.

15: Jury.

The jury will be composed by:

  • Barbara Frittoli, soprano – PRESIDENT OF THE JURY
  • Gianni Tangucci, Artistic Coordinator at Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
  • Claudio Sartorato, Artistic Director at Teatro Sociale di Rovigo
  • a representative fromTeatro Carlo Felice in Genova

For the semi finals, the Jury will be joined by:

  • Toni Gradsack, Casting Manager at Teatro alla Scala
  • Barbara Andreini, Artistic Secretary at Fondazione Renata Tebaldi

For the finals, the Jury will be joined by:

  • Andrea Castello, Artistic Director ofVicenza in Lirica and President ofArchivio storico Tullio Serafin
  • Renzo Banzato, Conductor of Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro Tullio Serafin

16: Deliberations.

The Jury shall make its decisions in secret session by a majority vote (half plus one). In case of a tie, the president will cast the deciding vote. The Jury may decide not to announce any winner for one or more roles in the competition. The Jury’s verdict is unappealable and definitive.

17: Covers

The Jury may choose some other candidates from the finals as covers in case the winners cancel their participation before or during the opera studio. Covers will receive the same fee as the winners and the same expenses reimbursement as defined at point 18, reckoning their effective days of presence in Vicenza. Cover singers must grant their availability during the Opera Studio.

18: Expenses reimbursement to the role winners.

To the competition winners, after the performances at Teatro Comunale in Thiene, the following expenses will be reimbursed:

  • return travel tickets to Vicenza to take part to the Opera Studio and the two performances at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza
  • lodging expenses in Vicenza from the day the Opera Studio begins to the performance on 14 September
  • return travel tickets for the performances at Teatro Comunale in Thiene
  • lodging in Thiene
  • a fee as mentioned at point 21.

19: Contract for the role winners.

Upon enrolling, candidates commit themselves, in case they win the role, to sign a contract for the Opera Studio and the performances mentioned at point 14. Those who break their contractual obligations will be required to pay a fine equal to twice the established fee mentioned at point 21.

20: Teachers of the Opera Studio.

The opera studio will take place in Vicenza during “Vicenza in Lirica”festival. The winners will take part to the opera studio according to the regulations at point 14.

Teacher of the opera studio are:

  • Barbara Frittoli, Voice and Interpretation of the role;
  • Sergio Gasparella, Conductor;
  • Piergiorgio Piccoli, Stage Director.

21: Prizes

Winners of the competition for opera roles will receive a pre-tax fee, for each performance, of 600,00 euros (six-hundred/00) for the roles of Adina, Nemorino, Belcore, il dottore Dulcamara and of pre-tax 360,00 euros (three-hundred and sixty/00) for the role of Giannetta

Winners of the Young Voices “Tullio Serafin” prize will receive:

  • first prize 800,00 euros
  • second prize 500,00 euros
  • one of the prizes of the following point

22: Other prizes.

Other prizes will be awarded:

  • Fondazione Renata Tebaldi offers the concert Omaggio al M° Tullio Serafin nella Repubblica di San Marino” during the celebrations of the 15th anniversary of the death of soprano Renata Tebaldi
  • Other scholarships and concerts will be awarded during the finals and published on the internet site at section: PRIZES
  • Award of the audience

23: Certificate

All candidates admitted to the finals will receive a participation certificate.

24: Responsibility.

The direction assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to things or people during the course of the Competition

25: Validity of the regulations.

Enrolment to the competition implies unconditional acceptance of these rules without reservation. The Italian version of the regulations concerning the Tullio Serafin International Singing Competition is valid. Legal routes are excluded.

26: Audio and video recordings.

By applying to the competition, the participant authorises Concetto Armonico – associazione culturale to make video and/or audio recordings, to take pictures, to transmit by radio or TV broadcast any of his/her lessons, rehearsals, concerts or Opera presentations, organized either by Concetto Armonico – associazione culturale or by selected third party organizations or individuals. In particular, the participant surrenders to Concetto Armonico all the rights of said video and/or audio recordings and pictures for any use that might be relevant to the event. Concetto Armonico reserves the right to use all pictures, audio and video recordings for promotional purposes related to its activities, or to release the audio and/or video recordings for demonstration or promotional purposes.

Vicenza March 5, 2019

The present regulations are published on the internet site and deposited at the association headquarters: Concetto Armonico, Via G. E. di Velo, n. 133, Vicenza (VI).

Vicenza April 28, 2019

The present regulations has been modify in order to add category for Young Voices “Tullio Serafin” prize.